About Unsolved Magazine

UNSOLVED MAGAZINE comes from the publishers of PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATOR MAGAZINE (PI MAGAZINE). PI MAGAZINE is the world’s leading publication devoted to the Professional investigator and has been in print circulation for over 30 years. Both PI MAGAZINE and UNSOLVED MAGAZINE are owned and published by former law enforcement professionals and is 50% women owned and 50% Veteran owned.

UNSOLVED MAGAZINE will be published in a high-gloss, print version along with a 100% duplicated digital version containing the exact content of the print version. We will include both versions in our base subscription model with unrestricted on-line access through the subscribers unique, personal account.

For the initial circulation year, UNSOLVED MAGAZINE will be printed quarterly, with an anticipated expansion in circulation year two to a bi-monthly publication and distribution.

Our content will include real, genuinely intriguing exclusive articles based on original writing and content research. Each issue will highlight various current cases and investigations, missing persons, notorious unsolved cases and of course, the efforts to solve cases by you- THE CITIZEN DETECTIVE. Our articles will range from the current to the review of cases that have gone unsolved for sometimes, decades!

Our authors will include seasoned, active and retired law enforcement and private investigators who have access to case information, data and unanswered questions seen nowhere else, to subject matter experts and professionals – but the majority of our writing will come from you- THE CITIZEN DETECTIVE.

But that’s not all we have planned! UNSOLVED MAGAZINE will feature articles and profiles of individuals who fit the true definition of CITIZEN DETECTIVE, highlighting those individuals untiring efforts to bring to light that which some may not want seen. We will also include stories and focus on the world of true crime and cold case podcasts with interviews with those groundbreakers who have fueled the ongoing interests in these cases. From technology explained and investigative techniques to sources of information available to CITIZEN DETECTIVE – we will cover it all with your help!

With the help of the readers of UNSOLVED MAGAZINE, many of these unsolved and cold cases will not only be revisited, but also re-examined by our readers – The Citizen Detective. Our goal is to shed light on those cases that have been forgotten or deemed “unsolvable”. We hope to bring continued exposure to cases that have faded from the public eye and in many cases no longer focused upon with the hopes they may one day be solved with the help of the public.

From the complex to the seemingly simple cases- old to recent, with your help and insight we will explore the UNSOLVED together. Remember our motto…. Be part of the investigation and the solution!